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As far as I can remember I have always loved to draw and paint the landscapes around me in my everyday and those I was blessed to visit. My path was in my hands, in that pencil or that brush. As I grew up my artistic skills evolved and led me into into a career in graphic design and advertising. In those 20 years that pencil and that brush have always been there in the background – so have my supportive wife and children who watched me behind the canvas tirelessly into the evenings. I approach all my paintings with the inherent fascination with time and light. Being at the right time at the right place when the sun hits that tree or horizon can be a majestic moment of rich colour and intricate shapes. 


I was born and raised by artistic parents in Etobicoke, Ontario and studied art at the Art Gallery of Ontario. I later self-honed my drawing talent into fine art painting and illustration. While helping to raise a family I have also had the opportunity to flex my passion by painting historical locations for the City of Vaughan's Art initiative in which members of the community are awarded art prints of my work for their contributions to the community. I have also been commissioned to paint religious murals and designs for stained glass in a number of large churches – the largest mural was 35x55 feet in 2012 which still today attracts curious pilgrims from around the greater Toronto area.  


This is my new website to launch a collection of the places that I have either visited or have yet to visit. This is where my brush has led me so far. My creative journey is still unfolding – my expression seems to evolve with every new piece of art. It's an exciting time! I work from direct photo reference that I collect during my travels, while some are from a digital composition in which I digitally compose the subject from a series of photos to evolve and enhance the scene while not losing the integrity of the actual location. The result is interesting because my audience feel as if they know the place but in reality it's the place the way it registers through my eyes. 


Just recently, I was selected as one of the top 20 Canadian artists to participate in Marblemedia’s Landscape Artist of the Year “Canada” 2019.

So proud to be featured in the first edition of the Arabella eMagazine!

It's a completely unique monthly perspective on the world of Contemporary Art, Architecture & Design. Available on Apple/IOS, Google Play for your digital device. Click here to read the feature.


I hope you find a connection to my art and share it with friends and family. If you are interested in purchasing artwork (originals only) or interested in representing my work in your gallery please contact me at



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